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the emerald bella story

Emerald Bella is your heat free hair solution when it comes to beautiful and healthy curls. With over a decade of industry experience we possess the knowledge to properly care for your hair by knowing its structural integrity and what it craves.


We use satin material on our Bella Wrap to maintain your hairs moisture content and sheen all without using heat or chemicals. While we aren't heat haters by any means we do know that small gestures of care go a long way in preserving the natural integrity of your locs and that's where Emerald Bella enters the scene.


Created by Meaghan Dickson long time hairstylist, educator and entrepreneur she knows through first hand experience how to care for all textures, colours and lengths of hair. In fact there is not much she hasn't done to her own hair throughout the years so this concept truly comes from the heart.


We know how important our hair is to us all… trust we do! And that is why we have a competitive advantage to the heat free market because it truly comes from research, time and experience of creating something that just didn't exist to fit the needs of every woman/ person who have a love for curls without a willingness sacrifice healthy hair to get them.

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